BC’s Pacific Northwest


Spring is a new beginning. Buds blossom, the days last longer, and people are generally more optimistic about what lays ahead. As for myself I am currently in the transition of relocating from Victoria British Columbia to BC’s Pacific Northwest for a summer student employment opportunity.

Am I excited? Definitely, just the thought of paying off part of my student debt is highly invigorating and of course rekindling old friendships is extremely rewarding but ultimately it’s the serenity of the untouched wilderness that I long for.

For all those that have never been to the Terrace, Kitimat, Pr. Rupert area it is a nature enthusiasts playground. Not only is it the home of the Great Spirit Bear but it boasts some of the best fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, white water kayaking, and mt. biking in the world.

It is geographically situated in a coastal rainforest so you can always expect the weather to be a topic of discussion with the locals. Terrace is 6 hours west of Prince George or 18 hours north to northwest from Vancouver. From Terrace you can either drive to Pr. Rupert or to Kitimat. If you are geographically inclined you would have already realized that the area is isolated from the rest of BC.

For those into night life each community has a local hang out, somewhere supposedly better from one day to the next. Terrace’s “mike’s nights” are notoriously famous, Pr. Rupert has pretty darn good eats, and Kitimat has the Hotel.

BC’s Pacific NW is unlike any other place in the world. It is truly something you will both love and hate but always find close to your heart, for this is what Canada is really about: vast untouched wilderness in contrast to small town living.


(Image courtesy of bcforkids.wordpress.com)


3 comments on “BC’s Pacific Northwest

  1. love this post! its so optimistic and positive! and it helps people like me so much…im heading to BC very soon, after a couple years working in england!

  2. ..oh, and here’s a bit of marketing from me! i’ll be looking for work when i get to BC….will accept any decent work…im a qualified quality assurance auditor, have worked with major aircraft companies in ontario and the uk….but im also interested in helping people, so i also trained in nutrition and stress relief! in particular, i’d like to work with native canadians if possible.

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