Best guess or best dressed?


This last week I have had to acclimatize to the environment of BC’s Pacific Northwest. Previously I was living in Victoria BC, which is considered to have Canada’s mildest temperate environments so my body’s adjustment to the cold spring winds has been slow. But this morning I woke up to fresh snow on the mountains – which are less than a km from the backyard of my residence. Nuts!

According to the Weather Network the average temperature of Terrace during the month of May is 10.9 degrees Celsius. I suppose anything is possible with a record low of -2.8 degrees Celsius and high of 29 degrees Celsius. That’s why they tell you to layer your clothing so that you can be prepared in unpredictable circumstances.

With my background running and operating an Electrical company, and only a year left to complete my BBA in marketing/communications, I believe that layering your career options is a good way to prepare for those unpredictable economic circumstances that lay ahead.

For those 7.0% of British Columbians that are struggling to find employment, any sign of an economic up-swing must illicit hope, but hope alone won’t provide security. Layering your knowledge and skills in preparation for the unpredictable climate will provide the most opportunity for tomorrow.

Meteorologists provide a best-guess estimate based on historical data and current trends to predict the weather. An Economist, generally speaking, goes through similar processes when predicting economic fluctuations. While I’m over simplifying, anything is possible when it comes to the weather and the economy.

I challenge my readers to continue to learn about the world around you, so you can weather the storm no matter what the circumstances may be.

~TJ Nyce

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2 comments on “Best guess or best dressed?

  1. Forest Green says:

    I absolutely love this post! and the challenge. What exactly does layering one’s career options, or knowledge and skills mean?like layers in a sandwich, i understand, like its best to create options, like a sandwich, there is always more value in a sandwich than just a piece of bread.Great Post!

  2. tjnyce says:

    Thanks for the support fellow blogger. Your words are testament of accepting the challenge I proposed.

    This post was intended to inspire optimism towards expanding ones mind. With everything doom and gloom its sometimes its hard to see the positive so being prepared with a healthy mind will give you more options. Yes much like a sandwich.

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