Social Media Faux Pa

This week I sat in the Elephants Ear, one of the local coffee shops in Terrace BC and had an exhilarating conversation with a friend about blunders people post on social media sites. My personal favorite was the post “that band is so Emu”.

This blog is dedicated to all those illustrious internet posts that make me laugh, make me squeal, and pretty much ask why the hell would you post that for the entire world to see?! So with that I would like to say…

Thank you for posting pictures from a wayward weekend half way through your work week. (Usually pretty darn funny, until 10 years later when the backlash starts to kick in)

Thank you for advertising to the world that you drank a diet coke vs. a coke and saved yourself around 140 calories.

Thank you for announcing your new weekly weight loss program. (Root Cellar & PISE)

Thank you for those emotional feats of furry from overtly complicated relationships that seem to linger like a planter’s wart. (I think the creators of FB had a chuckle when they added the “It’s complicated” to the relationship status section)

Thank you for your creative acronyms such as FML, TTYL, ROFL, & LMFAO (This was so popular producers thought it would be funny to name a band after it. Very sad). All become associated with internet pop culture.

Thank you for the daily countdowns weeks before the event actually begins. 🙂

I have been guilty of at least one of these but nobody’s perfect. With that I bid you adeiu until next week bloggers.

TJ Nyce

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