What is 5% of forever?


I spruced up my LinkedIn profile a month or two ago, but it stalled at 95% complete when my internship ended. It wants a description of my current position. OK LinkedIn, you win. I don’t have a current position. In fact, the lack of current position was why I spruced up my profile in the first place.

It seems inconsequential, but that missing 5% burns a person on the job hunt. It’s a constant reminder of the countless hours of networking, resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and interviews looming ominously between you and your next job or even career.

There are solutions, of course. The most obvious one is to stop looking at my profile, or quit logging on full-stop. I don’t seem capable of this option. I could also write some form of “looking for a paying gig” in there, as many people do, but I don’t like the look of it. (Yes, that is silly, and yes, I should promote my availability.) I could also write that I am a student, except that LinkedIn is already aware of this fact and has chosen to ignore it as a viable “current position.”

For now I’ll brace myself and make peace with that missing 5%. When I am ready to write something in there – perhaps the spoils of an upcoming interview – it will serve as the summit of this particular expedition.


(Image courtesy of lukemcreynolds.com)


4 comments on “What is 5% of forever?

  1. Doug Brown says:

    You’re using 95% of your LinkedIn potential? That’s not bad, that’s good Christie. We only use 5% of our brains.

  2. forsarap says:

    Linked in is a great place to network with recruiters. If you post that you’re looking you might start getting a flood of people trying to hire you. As a recruiting I reached out to people on linked in all the time.

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