Disseminating bad news really well

For three days last week I acted as the communications officer in charge of communications with stakeholders across North America.

I wrote thousands of words containing an attention to detail that would be difficult to match. I wrote them knowing my audience with pitch-perfect tone. My use of lists, bullets, and personal anecdotes was spot-on. The communications were timely and relevant.

There was also a crisis management aspect to the position that I nailed. Nailed.

The experience will never make it to my resume. There won’t be any writing samples mined from the work. The position has been dissolved, and, fortunately, I’m better for it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve held this position within the organization, and I can safely assume it isn’t my last experience at this particular helm either.

When there is a crisis in your family, what’s your default position?

(image courtesy of enpundit and photographer Alan Sailer


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