How do you make your message stand out? CONTRAST

If someone ever asked me at what element of design continually delivers a winning message for a split second I consider how appropriate it would be to play out a flash mob of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller before explaining the concept of … Contrast!

It becomes simple to see why contrast pulls your eye towards the message when you appreciate how to differentiate between what you don’t want your audience to see and what you do.

When placing two colors together notice how complimentary colors give the best visual contrast.  Be careful though although colors may be complimentary to one another they can appear to vibrate. This can easily distort or change your message. The best choice is to accent a main color.

A great way to tell if your contrast levels are accurate are to put your image into a grey scale setting, as suggested by William Beachy in Become a Master Designer: Rule Three: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast.

The following disco tech album by Parov Stelar reveals how using shade inside your color spectrum can further enhance your image with some appropriate shading.

What a sexy tune this is.


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