Samsung vs. Apple

I wrote this for all my friends who are either Apple or Samsung fans.

I own an iphone 4s but I love Samsung‘s collage of commercials over the last few months.

This ad was particularly good because they injected sweet musical love of Curtis Mayfield but it was that intimate connection of the everyday kind of person with Lebron that made this add so appealing. As you saw a superstar athlete acting more like the average consumer than perhaps what you would assume to be the life of a millionaire celebrity. This makes the viewer feel comfortable with Lebron. What the viewer internalizes is that Lebron is a metaphor for the phone itself. As he is adaptive in his roles, a leader amongst his peers, and a superstar in his arena of life, suggesting to consumers that “the next big thing” or Samsung’s phone which is “already here” does all these things.

Now compare this to an ad that failed to make a connection with its audience.

Apple has created some incredible ads in the past but they have simply missed the target in relating to their intended audience, which is why these ads were pulled from the net.

I’m not saying that I’m converting to Samsung but rather that a poor ad can create doubt within a consumers mind about the product they are subscribed to. Not good Apple… not good.


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