About Christie

Fiance's 30th Birthday Party

I didn’t know I was interested in writing until sometime after going back to school three years ago. I didn’t actually realize I was any good at it until last year when a teacher gave me one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received. She said she would read my work just because she enjoyed it. Good grades be damned, flattery fuels my fire like nothing else in this world.

I recently wrote for a high-traffic blog and it was awesome. I couldn’t be happier that my writing was read by hundreds of people. It was intimidating and exhilarating. I’m addicted. Unfortunately now that I am back to writing for myself, my motivation has gone stale.

Like other things that are good for you, writing for writing’s sake takes self-discipline. That’s where the buddy system comes in handy; if I have someone counting on me (other than myself), I will work hard to avoid disappointing them. Usually I’ll go even farther and aim to impress.

Previous lives as a classical violinist, world traveller, and psychology student, as well as a current life as a BBA student studying marketing and communications absolutely influence my perceptions, opinions, and writing.

I welcome your comments and feedback, and hope that you enjoy our blog.