Why We Blog

Our story…

In the fall of 2011 we started writing for the school paper at Camosun College. With over 40% of the student population located at the Interurban campus (“our” campus), but little-to-no Interurban representation in the editorial content, we wanted to be voices – or at least create interesting content – for those under-represented students.

We jumped at the chance to unleash ourselves on the paper and learn everything it had to teach us. Unfortunately, the only valuable lesson we learned was about the type of haphazard dictatorship we could expect from not-for-profit editors.

Highly disappointed, deflated, and dejected, we channeled our anger into a formal writing partnership. This blog is a place for us to speak freely about the things we think, feel, and want to explore. The partnership is an opportunity for us to challenge, frustrate, motivate, educate, and support each other along the way.