Tis the Season


Its the day before December 1st. Anticipation is too much! Family, Friends, Food, Memories, and well music. For myself nothing says more about the holiday season than all these things. A whole schwa-ck of feelings come back to me each and every year. Not that I’m any different than anyone else in Canada  but the nostalgia of good ole fashioned traditions are too much to live without. So I made a list of ten things that I’m thankful for, not to be a tear jerker but to encourage everyone else that follows the SM networks to consider how grateful we are to be living and experiencing whatever it is we do and ultimately to spread that festive cheer with everyone around you.

  1. Scary snowman
  2. Mistletoe
  3. Christmas Sweaters
  4. Classic holiday movie scenes
  5. Eggnog
  6. Surprise stocking stuffers… sad thing is I actually got this one year
  7. Awkward family photos… this isn’t my family just to clarify.
  8. The brilliance of marsh mellows on sweet potatoes
  9. My family, friends, and children
  10. And of course faces inspired by Christmas… “The Grinch Face”


Peace and love everyone.


What is 5% of forever?


I spruced up my LinkedIn profile a month or two ago, but it stalled at 95% complete when my internship ended. It wants a description of my current position. OK LinkedIn, you win. I don’t have a current position. In fact, the lack of current position was why I spruced up my profile in the first place.

It seems inconsequential, but that missing 5% burns a person on the job hunt. It’s a constant reminder of the countless hours of networking, resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and interviews looming ominously between you and your next job or even career.

There are solutions, of course. The most obvious one is to stop looking at my profile, or quit logging on full-stop. I don’t seem capable of this option. I could also write some form of “looking for a paying gig” in there, as many people do, but I don’t like the look of it. (Yes, that is silly, and yes, I should promote my availability.) I could also write that I am a student, except that LinkedIn is already aware of this fact and has chosen to ignore it as a viable “current position.”

For now I’ll brace myself and make peace with that missing 5%. When I am ready to write something in there – perhaps the spoils of an upcoming interview – it will serve as the summit of this particular expedition.


(Image courtesy of lukemcreynolds.com)

Expert or spambot?


It seems like everyone on social media is an expert in something – even the spambots have their niches. However, most “experts” on social media are just that: self-proclaimed “experts on social media.”

Twitter, for example, has about one bajillion people who tweet night and day about their expertise at social media. The interesting part is that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate them from spam bots: they have no personality, and they rarely offer anything other than social media “tips” or links to their seminars.

There is a ton of trash and spam on Twitter, so we should all strive to appear like communicative human beings on it, right? Especially if the point is to (eventually) sell something to our listeners? So why are so many self-professed social media experts morphing into bots? Have they also reached a critical saturation point in regards to tweets about tweeting? Don’t fret, for I have a theory:

*Dramatic Pause*

They have forgotten the entire point of social media.

Yeah, eventually you might want to sell something to someone. Sure, your services are probably tops, and you’d like everyone to tell their friends. Yes, that branding strategy you paid thousands of dollars for suggests that you should engage in certain social media tools, but do you know why?

Two-way communication.

Just dumping information on some social media platform in the hope that someone is going to pick it up isn’t going to get anybody anywhere. Social media isn’t a two-fold flyer that sits passively in a mailbox.

The terribly ironic part is that our social-media-expert-friends have probably been (relentlessly) tweeting about this exact point.


(Images courtesy of memegenerator.net and Hubspot Blog