Tis the Season


Its the day before December 1st. Anticipation is too much! Family, Friends, Food, Memories, and well music. For myself nothing says more about the holiday season than all these things. A whole schwa-ck of feelings come back to me each and every year. Not that I’m any different than anyone else in Canada  but the nostalgia of good ole fashioned traditions are too much to live without. So I made a list of ten things that I’m thankful for, not to be a tear jerker but to encourage everyone else that follows the SM networks to consider how grateful we are to be living and experiencing whatever it is we do and ultimately to spread that festive cheer with everyone around you.

  1. Scary snowman
  2. Mistletoe
  3. Christmas Sweaters
  4. Classic holiday movie scenes
  5. Eggnog
  6. Surprise stocking stuffers… sad thing is I actually got this one year
  7. Awkward family photos… this isn’t my family just to clarify.
  8. The brilliance of marsh mellows on sweet potatoes
  9. My family, friends, and children
  10. And of course faces inspired by Christmas… “The Grinch Face”


Peace and love everyone.


Prepare to Blog!!!


I wanted to share with my followers what I do when I write a blog.

Here are some of my key practices.

Read, read, read. Don’t stop. Skim if it gets boring. Find the content. Pull it out. Conceptualize what the author is saying. Then move on and find something else to inspire the mind.

Music. I love music but it shouldn’t be a distraction. I try and get lost in it, which means I’m usually not playing anything with too much wordplay. Anything over 120 bpm isn’t ideal in my experience either. Find my study sessions on Grooveshark.

Stretch. Get up every time you have a brain drain. Get that blood going and do some serious stretching. Grab your toes if you can? If you can’t you might want to work on that. Regardless stretch!!!

Water before coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee especially in the morning but if caffeine is what gets you into your writing experience than it will also be what holds you back.

Read some more.

Know the audience. Most often I think of trending attitudes in my home town Victoria. I catch onto these by watching the news, reading local papers and magazines, viewing social networks, interacting with others and observing the world I live in.

What are some of the quirky things you do bloggers?

How probability has made the mask or the vaccine a reality for BC’s healthcare workers

I have spent the last week cooped up with my seasonal friends Nyquil, Tylenol Cold and Flu, and NeoCitran battling this year’s flu strain of headaches, nausea, sore throat, coughing, dry eyes, aching body, and congestion. Gross! So I confined myself to my tiny apartment to ensure that I wasn’t going to pass this contaminate onto whoever I came in contact with.

Your welcome Victoria… but what if it became mandatory that your occupation forced you to inject yourself with a flu virus. Well it is mandatory for all BC Healthcare workers to receive a flu vaccination.

In recent months Dr. Perry Kendall, BC’s Provincial Health Officer made it mandatory that all health-authority staff, physicians and residents, volunteers, students, contractors and vendors who come in contact with patients will need to get the influenza vaccine, or wear a mask during the flu season.

The policy was implemented after BC healthcare workers received some of the lowest rates (around 50 per cent) to participate in free vaccination shots. BC will also be the first province in Canada to implement the province wide policy.

Recent studies suggest that 50-60 per cent of “healthy adults” will be protected from the flu when they come into contact with others that have it when given the vaccinations.

And while it suggested that those given the vaccine aren’t likely to get sick from the vaccination the chances are still probable.

So what does all this mean for those healthcare workers?

That the chance of catching the flu is significantly decreased when given the flu vaccination, which will result in less over time paid to healthcare workers to cover the shifts of their fellow employees and a less likelihood that patients run the chance of catching the flu.

While this might sound great to someone not working in the healthcare industry would you support a mandatory policy that made you get vaccinated at your place of employment?

I am definitely not a health professional that analyzes stacks upon stacks of data in regards to the flu vaccination but I do understand how statistics can be used to suggest a relationship between one thing and another for the purpose of persuasion, and so I choose not to get a flu vaccination and supposedly increase my chances of catching the seasonal contaminant.

After all it’s my decision… well at least for the time being.

Growing pride

May 8, 2012: Day 1

May 28, 2012: Week 3








I planted a little herb garden in a small portion of the dilapidated flower bed outside our apartment door about three weeks ago. We live in a motel-style building and I pass the little herb garden every time I come home. It makes me really happy. Apparently this is where the obsession with gardening starts. I can see it growing along with my little garden.

The tiny bed my herbs are in is part of a much larger, and exponentially more dilapidated bed. The only redeeming aspects were two random bushes because they took up so much space and one appeared to want to flower. The building manager asked me if I was going to do anything with the rest of it which I thought was kind of cheeky, but I have to admit, I wanted to.

So this Saturday I did, and something amazing happened. The people in our building started to smile. While I was excavating the rest of the bed from years of leaves, weeds, giant rocks, and garbage, I had two different neighbors who have never even made eye contact stop and chat at me. At one point the manager even came up and asked me if I wanted three bags of dirt he had left over from something else (I said yes without any hesitation). And two more people stopped to offer friendly words before I was done getting grubby in my fresh dirt.

Taking back one giant flower bed in front of our complex has made multiple people happy, even if it is only for a few seconds as they park their car and walk to their unit. All of a sudden there is a hint of community from our side of the building. This tiny bit of effort with an ugly, unused bed (I pruned the bushes as well – I can’t help myself) has boosted my pride in where I live. I want to be house proud. Maybe my neighbors feel that way too?


Persuasive strategies and jerks


I’ve been getting more and more ornery about people and businesses that don’t recycle, do it haphazardly, or just generally have a shitty attitude towards it. There aren’t any excuses, and if anyone tries to make them, they are a wiener. Over the last few months I have actually taken cardboard out of trash bins and, in some cases, walked the 5 steps to the *expletive deleted* cardboard recycling.

I have searched through both the CRD’s and the City of Victoria’s websites but I haven’t found anything that explicitly states there are fines for putting recyclable material in the trash. At the time of writing this post, I have also called both the City of Victoria (I learned they don’t handle recycling) and the CRD about this issue. I’ve left a message with the “woman to talk to” at the CRD and will update with any information I get.

I believe there should be fines for not recycling at least what the area’s recycling pick-up covers. The people collecting the garbage should be able to write citations for anything they feel is a gross abuse of the system. It should be at their discretion because, let’s face it, they would know the worst offenders, they already have a lot to do, and the region wouldn’t hire new employees to police it, so it would land on their shoulders anyway.

Some public shaming could be cathartic as well… a “Jerks who can’t be bothered to recycle” web page updated weekly perhaps.

Sure, maybe I’m being a bit militant about this, but some people don’t respond to the same persuasive strategies that tug at the rest of society’s heart strings, panic buttons, or future-oriented outlook. The best play with certain individuals is to concentrate the attack where it matters most to them – their bank balance and their reputations.

They may not be creative solutions, but they could be effective ones. What do you think?


 (Photo courtesy of trendhunter.com)