Samsung vs. Apple

I wrote this for all my friends who are either Apple or Samsung fans.

I own an iphone 4s but I love Samsung‘s collage of commercials over the last few months.

This ad was particularly good because they injected sweet musical love of Curtis Mayfield but it was that intimate connection of the everyday kind of person with Lebron that made this add so appealing. As you saw a superstar athlete acting more like the average consumer than perhaps what you would assume to be the life of a millionaire celebrity. This makes the viewer feel comfortable with Lebron. What the viewer internalizes is that Lebron is a metaphor for the phone itself. As he is adaptive in his roles, a leader amongst his peers, and a superstar in his arena of life, suggesting to consumers that “the next big thing” or Samsung’s phone which is “already here” does all these things.

Now compare this to an ad that failed to make a connection with its audience.

Apple has created some incredible ads in the past but they have simply missed the target in relating to their intended audience, which is why these ads were pulled from the net.

I’m not saying that I’m converting to Samsung but rather that a poor ad can create doubt within a consumers mind about the product they are subscribed to. Not good Apple… not good.


Tis the Season


Its the day before December 1st. Anticipation is too much! Family, Friends, Food, Memories, and well music. For myself nothing says more about the holiday season than all these things. A whole schwa-ck of feelings come back to me each and every year. Not that I’m any different than anyone else in Canada  but the nostalgia of good ole fashioned traditions are too much to live without. So I made a list of ten things that I’m thankful for, not to be a tear jerker but to encourage everyone else that follows the SM networks to consider how grateful we are to be living and experiencing whatever it is we do and ultimately to spread that festive cheer with everyone around you.

  1. Scary snowman
  2. Mistletoe
  3. Christmas Sweaters
  4. Classic holiday movie scenes
  5. Eggnog
  6. Surprise stocking stuffers… sad thing is I actually got this one year
  7. Awkward family photos… this isn’t my family just to clarify.
  8. The brilliance of marsh mellows on sweet potatoes
  9. My family, friends, and children
  10. And of course faces inspired by Christmas… “The Grinch Face”


Peace and love everyone.

Prepare to Blog!!!


I wanted to share with my followers what I do when I write a blog.

Here are some of my key practices.

Read, read, read. Don’t stop. Skim if it gets boring. Find the content. Pull it out. Conceptualize what the author is saying. Then move on and find something else to inspire the mind.

Music. I love music but it shouldn’t be a distraction. I try and get lost in it, which means I’m usually not playing anything with too much wordplay. Anything over 120 bpm isn’t ideal in my experience either. Find my study sessions on Grooveshark.

Stretch. Get up every time you have a brain drain. Get that blood going and do some serious stretching. Grab your toes if you can? If you can’t you might want to work on that. Regardless stretch!!!

Water before coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee especially in the morning but if caffeine is what gets you into your writing experience than it will also be what holds you back.

Read some more.

Know the audience. Most often I think of trending attitudes in my home town Victoria. I catch onto these by watching the news, reading local papers and magazines, viewing social networks, interacting with others and observing the world I live in.

What are some of the quirky things you do bloggers?

iPod related deaths

There is an intense campaign running in Australia in response to the epidemic of teen deaths related to crossing the road while listening to iPods. Apparently, it is a really big deal there.

I first wondered if the jarring nature of the images was the only thing that caught my attention, or if there was something else under the surface. I think it’s both. They are visually arresting, impeccably designed, and they reference images we have seen before.

iPod outline

Iconic campaign

Time spent travelling taught me to be uncomfortable wearing headphones while walking about; I felt like they dulled an important awareness of my surroundings, and the visible chords made me a target of theft. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy being snuck up on.

I’m not the norm though, especially among my generation and younger. My people are the ones trying to get your attention: the hi-vis-vest-wearing-worriers who want people to check left, then right, then left again before crossing the street (although I can look the other way in regards to jay-walking). This Australian campaign is from my people. It is disturbing, but I gather that’s the point.

What do you think? Do these images reference TBWA/Chiat/Day’s iconic iSilhouettesi campaign?


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BC’s Pacific Northwest


Spring is a new beginning. Buds blossom, the days last longer, and people are generally more optimistic about what lays ahead. As for myself I am currently in the transition of relocating from Victoria British Columbia to BC’s Pacific Northwest for a summer student employment opportunity.

Am I excited? Definitely, just the thought of paying off part of my student debt is highly invigorating and of course rekindling old friendships is extremely rewarding but ultimately it’s the serenity of the untouched wilderness that I long for.

For all those that have never been to the Terrace, Kitimat, Pr. Rupert area it is a nature enthusiasts playground. Not only is it the home of the Great Spirit Bear but it boasts some of the best fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, white water kayaking, and mt. biking in the world.

It is geographically situated in a coastal rainforest so you can always expect the weather to be a topic of discussion with the locals. Terrace is 6 hours west of Prince George or 18 hours north to northwest from Vancouver. From Terrace you can either drive to Pr. Rupert or to Kitimat. If you are geographically inclined you would have already realized that the area is isolated from the rest of BC.

For those into night life each community has a local hang out, somewhere supposedly better from one day to the next. Terrace’s “mike’s nights” are notoriously famous, Pr. Rupert has pretty darn good eats, and Kitimat has the Hotel.

BC’s Pacific NW is unlike any other place in the world. It is truly something you will both love and hate but always find close to your heart, for this is what Canada is really about: vast untouched wilderness in contrast to small town living.


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